About Tammy
America is known as the land of opportunity. After getting to know Tammy Fadler, clients and others can be thankful that America has the opportunity to experience her thoughtful and caring approach to life.  Fadler emigrated from Vietnam to the U.S. in 1973, and has crafted a successful real estate business and positive presence in Festus, Missouri, some 35 miles south of St. Louis. “My clients know that I care,” says Tammy. “The real estate business is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference. We create memories and help families. If you care for people from the heart, it is always returned to you.”

Tammy Fadler’s origins guide her philosophy to this day. Born in Vietnam and the oldest of 12 children, she worked in food service for the U.S. Army for the six years before the American military pullout in 1973. Without the U.S. presence, security and economic stability were severely compromised; Fadler worried for her family’s safety. She left for America with the thought that, “if my family is to leave for a better place, I’m going to have to make it happen.” She worked diligently through the years to raise the money and complete the lengthy paperwork to get 25 of her family members moved to America. She describes her motivation and focus with advice from her father as she left Vietnam: “You can go, but I want you to always remember one thing: you can make the money, but never let the money make you.”

Tammy Fadler got into real estate as her second major career in America. After working different jobs, she established a Chinese restaurant in 1981 and did well until a fire closed it six years later. Without adequate insurance, Fadler needed another way to earn a living. She chose real estate for its flexibility while she was raising two young children. Tammy was not an instant success, having to conquer inexperience and a language barrier to prove herself. She did so, becoming a top performer with Century 21 and later with the area’s first RE/MAX franchise. Fadler then got her broker’s license and started her own agency, earning a “Diamond #1 Expert Designation” in 2006. She astutely enhanced her reputation and image with the company name “Talk to Tammy 5 Star Team,” working on the premise that, “my business has to have a memorable image—when people think real estate, I want them to think about me.” Even outside her real estate circle, it is rare for anyone in the area—including elementary schoolchildren—not to recognize Tammy or know her “Talk to Tammy” media tagline. Today her firm consists of three full-time and two part-time agents, a full-time operations manager and a part time office assistant. Their market is everything residential and some commercial properties in the bedroom communities centered around Festus in Jefferson County.

Tammy Fadler got her first job from the U.S. Army, and her last name as well. She married Dick Fadler, anArmy soldier she met in Vietnam, but the nuptials waited until they reunited in the States. They have two children but are no longer married, though Mr. Fadler is an agent for Tammy’s firm. All of Tammy’s family lives nearby in Missouri and she loves to spend her spare time with them, especially her grandchildren. Tammy also enjoys ballroom dancing, taking weekly classes and attending dances and pro-am competitions. She is just finishing her memoir, Finding the Pearl—Unstoppable Passion, unbridled success.

To Tammy Fadler, business success is just one measure of a person. “I’m not too big for my image—I never forget where I came from,” she says. She quotes another of her father’s sayings: “The one thing you were born with is your name, and that’s the one thing you will die with. Money comes, money goes; countries come and countries go. Your name stays with you always.” Tammy believes that her reputation is the most important facet of her business and she works hard to make it shine. Even so, she is mindful of her own humanity and advises, “Everyone makes mistakes, but we have to do what it takes to make it right.” Thoughtful words to live by, lived out by a thoughtful person.